Version: 1.2.0

ramrod.cybox Module


Returns the version number for input CybOX document.


Registers a CybOX updater class.

ramrod.cybox.update(doc, from_=None, to_=None, options=None, force=False)

Updates a CybOX document to align with a given version of the CybOX Language.

  • doc – A CybOX document filename, file-like object, etree._Element, or etree._ElementTree.
  • from (optional, string) – The base version for the update process. If None, an attempt will be made to extract the version number from doc.
  • to (optional, string) – The version to update to. If None, the latest version of CybOX is assumed.
  • options (optional) – A ramrod.UpdateOptions instance. If None, ramrod.DEFAULT_UPDATE_OPTIONS will be used.
  • force (boolean) – Forces the update process. This may result in content being removed during the update process and could result in schema-invalid content. Use at your own risk!

An instance of ramrod.UpdateResults.

  • UpdateError – If any of the following conditions are encountered:
    • The from_ or to_ versions are invalid.
    • An untranslatable field is encountered and force is False.
    • A non-unique ID is encountered and force is False.
  • InvalidVersionError – If the source document version and the from_ value do not match and force is False.
  • UnknownVersionError – If the source document does not contain version information and force is False.